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Learn more about Cerebral Palsy and what makes medical marijuana an effective treatment for Cerebral Palsy’s symptoms. People with cerebral palsy may also have elevated anandamide levels in their brain tissue. We don’t have any research on the subject so far, but the multiple sclerosis study shows the connection between brain cells and anandamide. Unlike multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy does not progress over time, so patients how does CBD make you feel with the condition don’t need the neuroprotective properties.

We can now only wait and see what may come of this potentially life-saving research, which could changes the lives of countless babies with brain damage in the future. Despite its subjective nature, the side effects of CBD have been consistently reported to improve sleep, increase focus, relieve pain, nausea, and anxiety, as well as elevate mood. This is highly subjective, and therefore very challenging to derive a consensus on. Many have described CBD to have a calming, relaxing effect with an enhanced mind + body connection.

These studies have also been short term so we still don’t know what the long term effects of using CBD oil might be. A few small clinical trials have assessed the effects of cannabinoids (including THC and synthetic cannabinoids, such as nabilone) on behavioural symptoms of dementia. However, trials and studies so far have generally been small or low quality making it difficult to come to a conclusion. Research does suggest that high concentrations of CBD oil could be useful for managing some of the symptoms of dementia such as agitation and anxiety.

So for now, CBD’s benefits in AD may be confined to helping combat its symptoms in some patients. Nonetheless, all of this speaks to an exciting future for CBD as scientists learn to harness its anti-inflammatory properties for conditions that extend beyond a sore back. CBD’s remarkable versatility as a therapeutic agent stems from its many targets in the brain and body.

CBD is interesting in that it doesn’t directly act on either the CB1 or CB2 receptor. Instead, it acts on a variety of other cannabinoid receptors like TRPV-1, adenosine, and serotonin receptors to regulate the systems of the body. This sounds complex, but we’ll explain what each of these actions mean in practice. CBD can be an attractive option for many reasons, but it’s not as simple as just stopping your meds and dosing with CBD. Well, the short answer is, as long as it takes for you to safely discontinue your medications.

These concerns were severe enough for 2% to 3% of participants in the study to drop out due to concerns from the people running the study. The “Frontiers in Pharmacology” study is promising in showing that the endocannabinoid system is key in treating traumatic brain injury. We note that this figure includes all types of cannabis, ranging from high-THC medicinal marijuana with strong CBD content to CBD-only wellness products. Most importantly, 52 percent of respondents agreed that CBD is “more effective,” or “much more effective” than pharmaceutical drugs.

Utilization of CBD for the restoration of brain cells might be a good idea. However, experts have to study the effects on other brain-damaging diseases as well to assure that in which type of patients that can use CBD.

CBD has been found to lower psychotic symptoms in people suffering from various types of mental disorders, such as schizophrenia and psychosis. The results have not been proven for all types of mental disorders, but people with these disorders have reportedly gotten relief from CBD oil. Cannabidiol is a controversial treatment because it is one of the components of marijuana, a widely known recreational drug. There are strong opinions about the drug, and proponents advocate for its legalization for medical uses, while some advocate for the legalization of recreational use as well.

In one study on mice, CBD even reduced neuroinflammation following a stroke. By reducing inflammation in the brain, CBD may help to alleviate the symptoms of many neurological conditions.

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